Christina Lynn Griffith

Christina Lynn Griffith (Boven) passed away peacefully in her sleep at her home 01/08/2018. She was 64 years old.

Christina is survived by her three children, Chad (Jodie) Ostertag, Tara (Mike) Parent, and youngest son Thomas Griffith Jr. She is also survived by her eight grandchildren, two sisters, brother, Step Father, Aunt and all her wonderful nieces, nephews and cousins all residing in Kalamazoo Michigan

Christina was born on December 15 1953 in Kalamazoo Michigan to Barbara and Stanley Boven. She is the oldest of four siblings; Cathy, Kimberly, Sherilyn, and Mark. Christina went to Comstock High and where she then moved on to work very hard and start a family right here in Michigan. She married and had her first son in 1973 and then her daughter in 1975. She then moved to Arizona in 1976, where she had her youngest son in 1984. Christina and her kids then moved to California in 1989 to provide and also teach her kids the value of hard work while showing them the beauty of California. After four years she decided to move back where she would spend her days close to her family and relatives while showing her kids the importance of family and the joy that comes from our loved ones. In addition to Christina being a devoted and loving mother, daughter, and sister, she loved to cook and experience new things, but what Christina was best at was making people that she was close to smile. She was full of life and beauty and she had a way of uplifting others around her. She loved to help and be there for friends and family. Christina loved animals and especially her own, she leaves behind her dog and her ferret.

Christina was an angel that was put on this earth to influence and touch each and every one of us with her love and generosity and to make us see to never forget the importance of life, family and most of all, love. She will be greatly missed, but at least we know in our hearts that heaven just got a little more beautiful.

We will be having a celebration of life on February 18 from 1-5 at Old Burdick's Wings West at 5076 Sports Dr, Texas Township. Friends and family are welcome.