The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD. . .

The mission of Whitley Memorial is to provide professional, dignified and economical funeral services to the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek communities.  During periods of grief when families and individuals often are at the lowest points of their lives, Whitley Memorial will stand as a beacon of stability and solemnity providing families with the peace of mind that their departed loved ones are receiving the utmost level of care, respect and dignity throughout all aspects of their funeral arrangements. 

It is the vision of Whitley Memorial to become a premier funeral service company throughout the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek communities, as well as other surrounding city markets.

The vision of Whitley Memorial was placed into Mr. Whitley's heart at an early age.  Mr. Whitley has committed his life to the fulfillment of this vision and to performing his responsibilities as a ministry unto God.

The staff of Whitley Memorial has the capability to reach the hearts of the bereaved during a very special and significant time.   We are able to establish positive rapport during times of bereavement by assisting those who call upon us with honesty, integrity and respect.  We have taken an oath of sacred trust and professionalism to which we will uphold with every family and individual that we serve without regard to race, sex, nationality or faith.  Our number one goal is to provide the "service that people expect and need" when the loss of a loved one occurs.  This vision is merely our attempt to provide the best service and sensitivity for what usually amounts to a family's worst possible time.  We well uphold this trust with the utmost respect and dignity.