Wilma Jones

Obituary of Wilma Jean Jones

Wilma Jean Jones
Sunrise 08/22/1941
Sunset 12/28//2022
81 Years Old
Lived in Kalamazoo, MI
Born in Mississippi County, Missouri

Wilma Jean Jones sadly passed away on 12/28/2022 at 81 years old at her home in Kalamazoo, MI.

Wilma was a beautiful soul who loved everyone. Wilma’s smile was contagious, she spread joy and happiness wherever she went. To honor Wilma's memory, per her request we will not be holding a funeral a celebration of life, details to come.

You can only have one mother 
Patient kind and true; 
No other friend in all the world, 
Will be the same to you. 
When other friends forsake you, 
To mother you will return, 
For all her loving kindness, 
She asks nothing in return. 
As we look upon her picture, 
Sweet memories we recall, 
Of a face so full of sunshine, 
And a smile for one and all. 
Sweet Jesus, take this message, 
To our dear mother up above; 
Tell her how we miss her, 
And give her all our love.

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